After working with Liz for just over 30 days, Elite Performance Gym added 10K in reoccurring revenue to her location which resulted in creating a waiting list for new leads. After expanding classes, they are now searching for a new location to scale their brand. They have a lifetime lead count of 801 leads at an average cost of $7.88 cost per lead.

Bulletproof your business

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Liz pivoted to online training. We launched a super funnel directly on her website and they added 73 new members to their program in just one week. They had a 95% retention rate after running internal campaigns promoting the program. They got such great results, they were featured on Fox News for their excellent service to the community!

Create revenue from within

Our proven internal campaigns will increase your cash flow so you can reinvest into your business or payoff unwanted debt. If you have a current client base and or data base with previous clients we can show you how to turn those lists into extra revenue fast.

Lauren Linett

CrossFit Wilmington

"Working with Flood Your Business has literally changed everything for my gym. Finances were so tight but after running a few internal broadcasts we had more than enough to run our first ad campaign. Getting 145 leads in 2 weeks completely shifted my mindset around growing my business".

Kevin & Liz Guevara - Elite

Elite Performance Gym

"We have completely handed over this area of our business because they are that good. We are now focused on opening a second location and hiring because they literally flooded our business."

Carl Neidholdt

Small Call to Action Headline

"Time is the biggest factor for me and I immediately appreciated how easy they made the process for my team and I. After we signed on 19 new members without running ads I was all in. They don't just market, they have a system that works."


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